Just the 2 of Us Actual Playlist for Saturday, March 19 2016

9a-Noon – Eastern Saturday, March 19 2016   Just the 2 of Us / Grover Washington Jr – Bill Withers Hey LeRoy Your Mama Is Calling You / Jimmy Castor So Into You / Atlanta Rhythm Section Joe / All The Things Your Man Won’t Do Gotta Get You Home Tonight / Eugene Wilde Best […]

Just The 2 of Us ACTUAL PLAYLIST for Saturday February 6th 2016

Just The Two Of Us – Grover Washington Jr. Stomp / Brothers Johnson After 7 / Til You Do Me Right Men At Large 2016 / Date Night Be Without You / Mary J Blige Earth Wind and Fire / Devotion Slow Down / Bobby Valentino Quartz / Beyond The Clouds Your Night / Con […]

Anthony AK King Interview with Lynn Tolliver, jr.

Name of song / CD Title the song is from   I Just Wanna Breathe / In Time You Turn Me On / The AK Experience Treat Me Right / Just AK Outta Control / Just AK You Oughta Be In Love With Me / The AK Experience Waiting / Love Is Everything LET’S GET […]

Lynn Tolliver CLOSING “Believe In God….”

Believe in God, because God is Love and Love is what the world needs now.  Remember, nothing in life is guaranteed, but the end of it, we are born to die, but in between birth the beginning, and death, the ending – THAT MIDDLE PART IS UP TO YOU. The history of this saying started, […]


          I said I was going to write this up, so let’s get everything out in the open.  I’m not some fair weather fan, that switches who I like, based on their performance or their winning/losing.  When I pick someone, I pick them, unless they prove to be unworthy of my belief in them.  Every […]