First, I would like to start off by stating – writing is not an easy thing to do – I know a lot of people do it, and they do it from different levels, but it’s tough to just sit down and start poppin’ keys to put a thought presentation together.  And can modern people today, realize how tough it was, back in the ancient of times, where you had the classic UNDERWOOD typewriters that you’ve seen reporters PECK THE KEYS ON, or how about this, just taking a quill cap and handwriting?  Tough – believe me.  And a little more – I write the way I talk.  So whatever level of education you think my writing is – you are correct.

Anyway –

          People have the GORILLA / CINCINNATI ZOO on their lips, now, due to the child that fell into the gorilla pit/moat and was in an interaction mode with the 17-year old silverback.  “Harambe” was in the rare breed category.  As most of you are well aware, the officials at the zoo, killed the gorilla to prevent the gorilla from doing serious damage to the child under 5.  Before I continue, I want to flash back to a TV show that featured the cowboys and cattle.

          A father told his son to go get a stray calf that had wandered from the herd.  The son pitched a fit about doing it, and complained why he had to retrieve the calf.  The father’s reply was, “I can get $34 dollars for that calf, $75 dollars when that calf becomes a cow, I can’t get shit for you.”  Was that the truth?  How much value is placed on an animal’s life, as oppose to how much value is placed on human life?  This is a good question we can all ask ourselves.  And does the father get the blame, if he doesn’t provide a platform where the child can develop into a value?

          The question of shooting the gorilla with a tranquilizer dart became discussion, but as I suggested to a few, without really knowing, that dart could have taken too long to become effective, and the gorilla could have become agitated and threw the child around to serious injury or death.  And that was the explanation that was given, to do what they could to save the child, they had to kill the gorilla.  When you look at the video that has been displayed on TV, it looks like King Kong, where the gorilla did not appear to be hurting the child, but the yells from the crowd, and the screaming may have intensified the probable danger the silverback could have done.

          Now enter PETA – (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).  And without going into where they stand, here’s my question about the killing of animals.  Organizations don’t want you to kill Elephants, or Lions.  They frown on smashing seals and hunting.  And I don’t know, is why I ask, the world kills pigs, cows (not India or places that hold the cow sacred), chickens – ducks, you see where I’m going with this.  What committee selected what we can kill or not?  Is it because we eat cows, pigs, chickens, etc?  At some point back in the world, did man taste the elephant or the horse?  Did he consume giraffe or hippo?  We eat gater, and tuna, we eat snakes, deer.  Is that okay?  Why can’t we all be on the same page for things that we all need to be on the same page with?

          This is what I think.  I think the zoo is responsible for not having that area or any area secure enough so that a human could not get anywhere near the gorilla, regardless how hard they tried, not accidently falling into an area.  I know some people jump into areas where animals are – for whatever reason.  I think the cost the zoo would have had to pay the parents of the child took priority over the precious rare and cost of “Harambe” the gorilla.  That’s why they shot him.  They didn’t really shoot the gorilla to protect the boy, they shot that gorilla to protect themselves.  What do you think?

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