THE COOL CRITICS Sat November 15th 2014 / Sat November 22nd 2014

                 The Cool Critics have had two very good, back to back Saturday shows on the JKN.  Saturday, November 15th 2014 featured Nicholas Snow, a very positive individual who has a strong story to tell from the LGBT community – and on November 22nd, 2014 – The COOL CRITICS […]


Communication and Reverence By Arianna Redding In relationships, we must understand that it is important to not only communicate, but also listen effectively. The person who is always talking cannot effectively be listening, because you have a desire to have your point of view expressed only. Sometimes, you can overdo it and then block or […]

The New Slave Attire

By Arianna Redding There is a new controversy brewing over the new Adidas tennis shoes JS Roundhouse Mids, in which not only cost $350, but also depicts the tennis shoes with shackles that you wear around the ankles. I first saw a picture of these on Facebook, a creation of designer Jeremy Scott and upon […]

The Importance of Knowing

 By Arianna Redding                         It is no secret that some people have dishonest hearts. We live in a world where cynicism exists, mainly, because of the lack of people with conviction.  I like to think, being optimistic of course, that our world does consist of these types of people; the ones with conscience that is.  […]


by  Cecelia L. Davis ……. He is the first man to hold her, say I love you, and take her out on her first date. This man wants to protect her and its natural for him to think no other man is good enough for his little girl unless they pass the test. The test […]

You May Survive The Act, But You Never Forget The Act – The Feeling Before, During or After

By Cecelia L. Davis A hug, a kiss on the cheek, or a child sitting on a person’s lap could indicate the possibility of something intimate. Rapist, fondlers and molesters are an area of discussion that has not been taken serious for many decades. A child said to me “I like Tyler Perry movies, but […]

On Pork

By Mark Dixon I eat pork. I eat chops, I eat tenderloin, I eat bacon, I eat sausage. I season my beans, cabbage and greens with smoked hocks and sometimes bacon. I put ground pork in my meatballs – it keeps them moist. My favorite pizza toppings are pepperoni and Italian sausage. I save my […]

What Happened To McDonald’s Creativity?

By Aaron Anderson, February 20, 2012 CLEVELAND – I’m going to put on my “Andy Rooney” hat and do some good old fashion bitching. See, I have a bone to pick with McDonald’s Restaurants. I don’t know why this crawls up my rear end so much, but it’s been one of my official pet peeves […]

The Power is In the People

By Anna Redding Gone are the days of Black Pride and a new era is dawning, it is the era of the seemingly heartless thug. Now don’t be so quick to jump in and say oh she’s hating or not my child or even that I don’t know the plight of the hood, I don’t […]


by Cecelia L. Davis Ashley: Hi my name is Ashley and my school is the first school to have classes in the summer. Cheyene:  Hello, I am Cheyene and my school does not have classes in the summer, so I get to go swimming and hang out with my friends, but I do get bored […]