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Thanks for coming to my website, If I only reach 1 person in my life in a positive manner, that helps them grow in the right direction, mission accomplished. If my family members can thrive into goodness and do the right thing, something that I have not always had the right frame-of-mind to do, I am even more grateful. After you have children – it is no longer about you – and you want them to be better, do better than you did. Or as good. There is no other way. Spiritually we can all be winners, if we start THINKING in the right mode. Move forward. The only time you drag your past with you, is when it enhances your future. The only thoughts you should concentrate on, are those that bring a brighter tomorrow.

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Over a period of time, there will be information that relates to Lynn Tolliver, jr. – this website – some history, some additional facts and figures – we’ll keep you posted. You are welcomed to send suggestions, comments – criticism, whatever you feel. Thanks for spending a little time with me – Tolliver328@yahoo.com

Thank you so much!